Storstac to build Hamilton Shipping Container House

Storstac is excited to announce that in just a few weeks we will begin fabrication of Canada’s first shipping container house to be permanently located in a major city’s (Hamilton’s) downtown core right here at our Toronto shipping container fabrication facility. This precedent setting build nicknamed the Hamilton Shipping Container House is already BUILDING PERMIT APPROVED and will consist of eight 40′ shipping containers sitting on top of a solid concrete block foundation. Designed by Toronto Architect Jason Halter of Wonder Inc, the house has been custom designed to suit his clients specific tastes which Jason describes as being “iconolastic”. Although the shipping containers themselves are fabricated in China (as China is the only place in the world where shipping containers are fabricated) all of the modification work and materials used for this project will be made in Canada. Unlike most shipping container homes built around the world, this one will not be clad with any additional materials. Instead, the containers Corten steel corrugated walls will remain naked, and they will be painted brick brown; allowing the house to better blend in with the surrounding Victorian era homes. The rugged industrial look of this shipping container home pays homage to the fact that it will be located in “Steel Town”, but a number of subtle architectural design elements (like the six walk out balconies that will utilize the shipping container doors as the balconies side walls) will make this shipping container home stand out from most others. Until now there have only been a hand full of container homes built in Canada, most of  which have been erected in rural areas as cottages. The vast majority Canada’s shipping container homes/cottages are pre-fabricated builds that are modified and built in china. This is problematic because they use Chinese steel and parts which provides the end user with a low-quality, inferior product that is unlikely to stand any real test of time. As stated earlier in this article, the Hamilton shipping container home will be modified and fabricated at Storstac’s modification facility located at 90 North Queen Street in Toronto and will rely strictly on 100% Canadian steel, paint, windows doors and most importantly local labor. Follow us on Instagram (@storstac_inc) as we will be closely covering and updating followers as this project develops and progresses. Installation of the Hamilton Shipping Container House will take place in June of this year.

About Storstac: With over 450 years of combined experience in the shipping container modification industry Storstac Inc. is the Oldest, Largest, Most Experienced shipping container Modification Company in Canada. Storstac’s Founder and President has been designing and manufacturing modified shipping containers since 1971. Since then, Storstac has pioneered countless shipping container modifications that range from the very first portable wireless telecommunication shelters for Cantel (now Rogers), Clearnet Communications (now Telus), Microcell telecommunications (now Fido) to the revolutionary Tesla pop up container dealership (made from two 20’ shipping containers). We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, right down to your average Joe that needs a used shipping container for onsite storage. We fabricate modified shipping containers for a host of applications which include generator enclosures, retail pop up kiosks and retail stores, shipping container bars, fully functional commercial grade off grid shipping container kitchens, and even modular shipping container homes and buildings.

All of the Hamilton shipping container house modification work will be undertaken by Storstac at our Toronto modification facility

All of the Hamilton shipping container house modification work will be undertaken by Storstac at our Toronto modification facility


All of the Hamilton shipping container house modification work will be undertaken by Storstac at our Toronto modification facility

All of the Hamilton shipping container house modification work will be undertaken by Storstac at our Toronto modification facility


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  1. Charles
    Charles says:

    I have bought a 20ft container from Storstac on Northqueen for use as a workshop 6 months ago. I’m wanting to buy a few acres NW of Mount Forest to build 7 40 ft container house. I’ll buy the higher 40 ft containers. I need to find an architect, engineer to help with plans and help getting municipal approval and building code.

    • storadmin
      storadmin says:

      Sure thing Charles, we can help you get in touch with an architect and engineer to help you out. Thanks for the message, and glad you enjoying your 20′ work shop container!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A shipping container is very useful in many ways. As shipping containers are flexible in design, portable, waterproof and eco-friendly. All these characteristics make it suitable for various purposes.

    One major benefit of the shipping container is the shipping container home. This home is very beneficial at the time of crisis. It gives comfort as well as shelter to the homeless people.

    Also the images you posted are so amazing.


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