Build The Shipping Container House Of Your Dreams

Storstac is excited to partner with Jason Halter & Jeremy Kaplan (Wonder Inc. & New Old Stock) to help you conceive, design, build and install your very own, pre-fabricated shipping container house and/or micro containerized living spaces out of ISO shipping Containers. A truly unique partnership with two industry powerhouses. Design: With over 20 years experience in shipping container architecture, Jason Halter, a critically acclaimed Toronto based architect, will work with you to design the ins and outs of the container structure of your dreams. Fabrication: With over 450 years combined experience in the shipping container industry Storstac Inc. is Canada’s Oldest, Largest, Most Experienced shipping container modifiers and fabricators. This means that from the projects conceptual beginnings right to the final site installation, you’ll be taken care of every step of the way with professionals that KNOW CONTAINERS. *All container fabrication/modifications are carried out locally in Storstac’s Toronto facility, ensuring a superior quality product is produced that will stand the test of time compared to pre-fabricated structures built and shipped from overseas.

Services Offered:

– Architectural Design (exterior and interior design)

– Project Management – Responsible for controlling the time, cost and quality of your construction project.  We will plan and coordinate all aspects of the construction process, including hiring contractors and working with engineers, architects and vendors

– Building permit preparation and submission

– Shipping container procurement and modification/steel fabrication work

– Cutting and framing openings (windows, doors, all interior openings)

– Installation of doors and windows

– Structural reinforcements (where required)

– Interior framing and insulation

– All work is done locally at our Toronto modification facility using North American steel/parts

Want to lean some of basics regarding building with shipping containers? Check out this informative Q & A interview done by one of the members of the Storstac modification team in conjunction with the great people over at Exploring Alternatives.

Let Jason Halter Design, and Storstac fabricate your dream micro “tiny” shipping container living space today. For progress on our projects follow us on Instagram @storstac_containers

Micro Containerized Living

Founded by Jason Halter & Jeremy Kaplan, NEW OLD STOCK is a story about design meeting construction using ISO shipping containers. It shows how we can reuse, re-purpose, up-cycle & make rare the everyday object. The design mandate is about future proofing & building small & efficient space, micro architectures, get-away cottages, or urban cloisters. Micro-sized footprints are created using one-to-two ISO shipping containers. The options of what you can do are virtually endless, and the end result leaves you with architecturally intriguing spaces that are both sophisticated in design and function, yet compact and relocatable.

About Jason Halter

Founder, Partner & Design Director of Wonder Incorporated, 2001 – Present.
Founder, Partner & Executive Director of MEKA Modular Buildings, 2009 – 2014.
Founder, Partner & Design Director for New Old Stock, 2015.

Design and architecture occupy a central position in the practice of Jason Halter and New Old Stock. Having gained his formative experience under the tutelage of one of the world’s most important designers, Bruce Mau, Jason has won international acclaim for his innovative approach to design and art production. His unfettered curiosity and ability to realize ideas have made him intuit and manifest design solutions in new and novel ways.

New Old Stock / Storstac Design Gallery

Over the years, Storstac Inc. & Jason Halter (New Old Stock)  have redefined the very definition of what an ISO shipping container can be used for. We have the knowledge and technological capability to design and build the perfect solution to suit your needs. Below is a sample of some of the custom designed and built containerized living spaces created by Jason Halter and Storstac Inc.