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Storstac Storage Container Rentals

As the official supplier of storage containers for the 2015 Pan Am Games, Storstac can offer high security storage containers rentals for all of your storage needs. Our vast inventory of clean, well maintained units and our neutral “Storstac Grey” rental fleet colour meets the fabric of your environment when & where you need it!

Available Container Rental Sizes

Storstac Container Storage – when you need it, where you need it!

Storage Container Rental

Your Location

We deliver your container right to your door and you store it at your location.

Storstac storage container delivered to your door provides easy, secure and convenient, ground level access at any time at your location. No need to drive to anywhere to access your valuable belongings. Our container rentals are ideal for home and business renovations and provides the best local storage solution that’s flexible, affordable & secure.

Our Location

An easy and safe storage solution.

We Deliver…
• Your Storstac Rental Container is delivered at your convenience right to your door.
• No need to rent a truck or drive or mileage charges
You load…
• You load your belongings into the secure container at your convenience. Your belongings are protected by Storstac all-steel design and high-security locking system while at your location.
• Once loaded, your work is completed. No extra handling
We pick up and store…
• Storstac picks up your loaded storage container from your location and transports it to our high-security storage Depot.
• Your contents are safely stored and you have the key.
• No access to the containers while stored at our facility unless you request it.

Container Rental

Storstac Container Rentals – Secure, Convenient, Protected.

Storstac Container Rentals

Additional Advantages of a Storstac Rental Container

We offer all standard size units in containers and portable offices.

Our light grey colour is neutral and blends well with most environments.

Our self loading & offloading trucks simplify delivery and pickup.

There are no loud logos or advertising on the side of our units.

Storstac Rental Units

Available Options


High Security Cylinder Lock

Record boxes.

Packing Supplies.

Additional Options
Storstac Container Rental

Immediate Storage Solution Applications

Agricultural equipment and supplies

Automotive parts and shipping cartons

Commercial excess inventory, supplies, office records, special events

Construction tools, equipment, material, electrical supplies or valuables

Emergency disaster preparedness items

Hospitality equipment, furniture, machinery, tools, special events

Institutions, school and church supplies

Landscaping equipment, supplies, tools

Mining & oil rig equipment

Residential household items during renovation staging and moving

Retail fixtures, seasonal and promotional items

If you are interested in a Storstac Container Rental, contact us today to discuss your requirements. We’re here to answer any questions or provide further information about our products and services. Call Now 416-231-9100 Toll Free 1-866-474-8044