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How Shipping Containers Changed the World

Shipping containers are really nothing short of a revolution that has changed the way cargo transportation across oceans work around the world. They have improved cargo-carrying capacity, ensuring they are delivered more safely. Both perishable and non-perishable items can be safely exported from country to country without damage, whether they are bottles of seasonings or seasonal fruits and vegetables.

One of the prime reasons behind this lies in the durable components that make up the container. Made of strong steel, these gigantic boxes can carry heavy items around easily by huge cranes. In the process, they facilitated trade and globalization, changing daily lives with the easy availability of products from around the world at cost-effective prices.

History of Shipping Containers

Durable, resilient shipping containers started dominating trade after World War 2, mostly due to recommendations put forward by the International Organization for Standardization in the 1960s. A container full of wares from one part of the world could be easily shipped to the malls to the other end without any damage or inconvenience, as it passes through different countries en route.

Earlier, goods were loaded one by one onto a cargo ship in a labour intensive process that demanded packing, unpacking in the ports and easy theft or damage in the process. Called break-bulk shipping, the system was practiced right up to the second half of the 20th century until 1956. They were carried in gunny bags, tubs and wooden crates from land to ship and back to land this way.

A large labour force was employed for the process, without any guarantee of the goods arriving in the best conditions. Accidents were rampant, perishable foods were easily ruined and the process was high in value, often costing 20 times more than the item itself.

How the Shipping Container Transformed the World

The massive shipping containers transformed the trade and transportation of goods. It made the world a smaller place. Global supply met demands with transportation ease and the rare products could be enjoyed in countries that had never seen them before.

Costs reduced as transportation became less challenging and machines took over from people. In the end, consumers benefited the most as they gained access to exotic products from all over the world without paying exorbitantly, or travelling all the way.

The most interesting development was the recycling of shipping containers as they were put to numerous uses after they did their day. Portable containers entered the housing market, becoming fashionable workspaces for start-ups, bars, restaurants, and shops. From the clothes people wore the world over, to the food they ate, borders melted as goods became available everywhere.

Storstac, High-Quality Shipping Containers

With over 40 years of combined experience in the shipping industry, Storstac offers the best quality rental containers in Toronto at competitive prices to offer a worry-free cargo shipping experience. We exceed your expectations providing outstanding value and service. Contact us to find your perfect shipping container solutions.

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Best Tips to Know Before Building & Renting Your Container Home

Sustainable design has become extremely popular in recent years. One of the best examples of this is the re-use of the shipping container. Shipping containers are durable, convenient in size and stackable to make multiple rooms. Every day, people have been purchasing them to start up a business, turn into their home or rent out to others.

However, this sustainable building design is still quite new and with any new project, there are challenges to overcome. That’s why Storstac Inc. has put together a list of tips to follow from shipping container homeowners and rental hosts.

Before you get started on your own design and get ready to rent it, check out the great advice below.

Be Aware of Rules and Regulations

Make sure to research your city or town’s regulations for building a shipping container home. Property Zoning is conducted by the city’s government and determines what type of buildings can be built in the zone. Building Permits must be applied for you to prove your aware of building codes and will follow them to be approved for building. It’s also important to be a good neighbour and maintain the property your container will be on.

See the Container Before Buying

It’s important to do the research to find the right container and just as important to see it in person. Some shipping container buyers made the mistake of relying on the company’s word that their purchase was in great shape, only to receive it in less than desirable conditions. Do your research online then visit the container itself before buying it. Make sure it has the exact materials and is the size that you want.

Consider Your Climate

Understand what your local climate is and build according to that. Spray-foam is the most popular insulation because it forms a barrier to resist air movement. It seals very well and transfers heat to keep the shipping container warm.

For warmer climates, choose a large roof that extends over the container. This will shade the windows and protect them from intense heat. Choosing the wrong type of insulation could lead to preventable issues. For example, colder winters require spray-foam insulation because of its sealant. Some container buyers who live in colder climates found that fibreglass insulation led to their home being damaged from condensation.

Plan The Layout

Consider the number of guests that you will allow to stay at the container rental. A 40 ft container rental allows for a large home. Its long length allows for maximum sunlight if placed in the right area to make the home airier. A 20 ft container is perfect for a couple’s getaway for a more cozy, romantic feel.

Storstac Inc. is committed to providing high-quality shipping containers for rent for you to choose from. Our eco-friendly products are durable, stackable and ready to be designed your way. Storstac’s team of professionals can even build your container off-site and deliver it to you with minimal site interruption.

Self Storage Container on Demand

A modified mini or self-storage container might be the solution to your businesses storage needs. Thinking of starting a self-storage business? Has your brick and mortar self-storage business run out of storage units? Or maybe you just need a storage solution for your own business or personal property. A modified new or used shipping container might be the right choice when it comes to your self-storage and mini storage needs. Over the years Storstac has custom modified hundreds of shipping containers into clean, attractive, modular, self-storage units. We can custom order any size and number of doors, add divider walls, and insulate the interior. Our self-storage easy open roll-up doors and dedicated paint shop will ensure your self-storage containers look great and are easy to maintain.


Mini Storage 4 Pack Shipping Container

Mini Self Storage Container Complex

Mini Self Storage Container Complex

3 Roll Up Door Container freshly painted in our dedicated paint shop

Buying a Shipping Container for Storage

Originally used to move cargo from one part of the world to another, shipping containers have since been modified for countless applications. Modified shipping containers save been used to create anything and everything from public storage facilities, mobile offices, equipment enclosures, retail restaurants, and yes, even houses…but what makes a shipping container an ideal storage solution for your overflowing warehouse or expanding storage needs?

  1. Wind & Water Tight – Well, first off , shipping containers are wind and water tight steel boxes. They are intended to travel on oceans, and thus, have been designed in a way that keeps water out, so that the cargo stays dry. This principle perfectly transitions over to your growing storage needs. What ever you put inside your storage container, you want it to stay dry. Period.
  2. All Steel Construction – Second is security and the strength of the steel shipping container. Made of corten steel (a weathering steel) shipping containers are strong and designed to take everything that mother nature throws at them.
  3. Security – Dry cargo shipping containers are all corten steel, including the container barn doors. Accompanied with a shipping container lock box, a shipping container provides you with a secure box that, unless someone is really determined, is difficult to gain access to (at least with out drawing a lot of attention and noise). Quick smash and grab break ins are usually a crime of opportunity, and an all steel shipping container takes that opportunity away. Lastly, shipping containers are modular and mobile.
  4. Portable – A simple tilt and load tuck (a flat bed tow truck if you will) is all you need to move around a 20′ shipping container (a 40′ shipping container is moved with the same principle, but will come on a big rig 18 wheeler). This means that your storage container is not a permanent investment. You can always add storage containers to grow your storage needs, or move them out if you no longer need them. If you relocate to another location, you can simply pick up your container and take it with you (or leave it behind if you choose).

If you would like to learn more about how you can turn an everyday shipping container into a great storage container, or your looking to modify a shipping container for your storage needs, feel free to click this link to learn more or call us @ 416-231-9100


The Perfect Storage Solution

 The Perfect Storage Solution

Storstac Attains ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Storstac Attains ISO 9001:2008 Certification 

Storstac ISO 9001 Certification

(Toronto, Canada) Storstac, Inc. is proud to announce that it has attained certification for ISO 9001:2008 by QAS International, an independent, well-established certification company. ISO Certification compliments Storstac’s ever-increasing commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of quality and service through the implementation and execution of its Quality Management System (QMS). Storstac is one of the  ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the following systems: Shipping container
modification, shipping container Sales, shipping container rentals, custom built from scratch portable building fabrication and for its shipping container depot and repair facility.

ISO 9001 is the global benchmark for Quality Management and a critical tool for boosting a company’s success and market potential. The standard is formed by a quality policy consisting of systems and principles that tie together both business objectives and customer needs. It is an internationally recognized mark of excellence and ensures quality and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of its organization.

About Storstac

Storstac Inc., established in 2005, is located in Toronto, Canada. Storstac does all its modification work locally at its 12,000sqft modification facility (which includes a dedicated paint shop that is MOE approved). Storstac offers its clients various services that include shipping container modifications, new and used shipping container sales, shipping container rentals, shipping container depot services and custom portable building fabrication. Over the years we have modified shipping containers for a host of modified shipping container applications which include (but are not limited to) shipping container housing, shipping container man caves, micro shipping container living spaces, shipping containerized equipment enclosures, modified shipping container storage units, shipping container kitchens, shipping container markets, shipping container food serving kiosks and retail vending spaces, modified shipping containers for the military and a host of other applications.

To learn more about Storstac and our commitment to our customers and quality products please visit us at


Storstac Builds Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex

Storstac is excited to announce that we custom fabricated the the Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex for the 2016 Rogers Cup and 2016 World Cup Of Hockey right here in Toronto. Working in conjunction with Juiceworks Exhibits (based in Toronto), we assisted in co-designing the Rogers Fan Hub Shipping Container Complex to be one of the most spectacular, solidly built shipping container structures ever commissioned. Engineered in-house (here at Storstac) by our engineering team, we created and built this modular container structure out of six 40′ high cube modified shipping containers right here at our Toronto, Canada shipping container fabrication facility (using Canadian steel, parts and paint).

The main floor is comprised of three 40′ modified  shipping containers  that are joined together to create 960sq’ of open concept entertainment space. Fully insulated, air conditioned and heated (ready for the cold/hot Canadian winters/summers), the first floor of the Rogers Shipping Container “Fan Hub” provides visitors with various interactive activity zones, couches, charging stations, tv’s and even an information desk. Make your way up to the second floor of the Rogers Shipping Container “Fan Hub” via the (interior) spiral stair case and you find yourself  inside a single modified 40′ shipping container that leads out to the roof top balcony. Utilizing the base of two 40′ modified shipping containers, we  created 740sq’ of roof top patio space allowing visitors to relax on one of  multiple couches and or chairs, creating a relaxing space with a great view of its surroundings. We even custom built two shipping container inspired ping pong tables for guests to enjoy outside (Design by Juiceworks). Follow us on Instagram @storstac_containers for updates on all of our other container housing and container modification projects.

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex 3 - Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub (Front View) – Engineered and Built by Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex - Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub (Side View) – Engineered and Built by Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex 2 - Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub (Roof Top Balcony / Lounge) – Engineered and Built by Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex 4 - Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub (Interior View) – Engineered and Built by Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex - Shipping Container Ping Pong Table

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex – Shipping Container Ping Pong Table

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub Complex 5 - Storstac

Rogers Shipping Container Fan Hub (Full View) – Engineered and Built by Storstac


About Storstac: With over 450 years of combined experience in the shipping container modification industry Storstac Inc. is the Oldest, Largest, Most Experienced shipping container Modification Company in Canada. Storstac’s Founder and President has been designing and manufacturing modified shipping containers since 1971. Since then, we have pioneered countless shipping container modifications that range from the very first portable wireless telecommunication shelters for Cantel (now Rogers), Clearnet Communications (now Telus), Microcell telecommunications (now Fido) to the revolutionary Tesla pop up container dealership (made from two 20’ shipping containers). We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, right down to your average Joe that needs a used shipping container for onsite storage. We fabricate modified shipping containers for a host of applications which include generator enclosures, retail pop up kiosks and retail stores, shipping container bars, shipping container markets, fully functional commercial grade off grid shipping container kitchens, high end bespoke shipping container man caves and even modular shipping container homes and buildings.