Tips for setting up a pop-up shop in Toronto

When you are not in a position to set up a proper bricks-and-mortar retail store, setting up a temporary location like a pop-up store is a good start. Whether you are planning to start a business or are looking to have a seasonal income model, pop-up stores are an amazing way to ensure that you have a place of business organized. It is imperative to have a clear goal in mind about your business so that you can establish the other crucial parameters regarding your shop, like choosing the right location and establishing a set process.

Setting up a temporary pop store


One of the most important concerns of any business is location. Pop-up stores can be seen in many places like shopping malls, galleries, streets, craft fairs, weekend markets, etc. You can look online for business owners who may be interested in renting their space. In many cases, such business owners also provide insurance, financial support and promotional help for your business.

Additional costs

Setting a pop-up store comes with many accessory expenditures that you may not have thought about. These include spending on electricity, internet connection, phone, point-of-sale equipment, employee wages, furniture if needed, inventory, storage, supply, appliances like buying a fridge or toaster if you are serving food. These costs need to be taken into regards when you are thinking of additional costs.


If you are thinking about renting instead of buying a place, you need to consider the space you need, the costs involved and typically quite a few permissions that may be outlined by the owner. Commercial leases are quite different than a residential lease. In addition, many aspects of a property that may be included in the permanent location lease, may not be included in a pop-up store space lease.


Spaces for the pop-up store can be hard to find and weather can be an important factor in determining the availability of lease. With the spring season approaching, if you are eyeing a particular spot for your pop-up store, now is the perfect time to inquire about the availability of the spot and even book a pop-up store structure from Storstac so you can be ready for business right on time all through summers. Talk to vendors and do adequate research before you finalize a place and book a spot. There may be some laws and guidelines pertaining to what a pop-up store can or cannot sell in a particular area. Plus, you may have to obtain permits and licenses for your business on time. Consider the time, effort and money that needs to be spent on getting all the things right and start in advance to allow everything to run smoothly.

Once you are ready with all the basic considerations, use social media and the internet to drive foot traffic to your pop-up store. If you are thinking about setting up a pop-up store in Toronto, Storstac has one of the largest choices of modified kiosks. They are secure, durable, flexible and customizable for almost all kinds of business. Talk to a Storstac associate today to get a suitable pop-up store for your business.

3 Interesting Pop-Up Shop Ideas

Pop-up shops are an incredible way for small businesses, online companies, and established institutions to test the waters and make extra sales where they do not usually have a presence. No matter your industry a pop-up shop can be a great way to help get your name out there and even see if there is enough of a market for you to establish a more permanent storefront. When you decide to take the plunge and host a pop-up shop, then there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you have a great experience, that your customers leave happy, and that you turn a profit.

Think Outside the Storefront

With a pop-up shop, you have the ability to get creative with your space. There is no reason you need to be confined within a traditional brick and mortar storefront, in fact, going with something different adds uniqueness and interest to your event. A great option is the recycled shipping container. Not only is it eco-friendly, but they come in many standard sizes and models, including ones that are food safe. They are also a breeze to transport and afford you the opportunity to travel with your pop-up shop to any location your heart desires. Fully customizable, unique, and stand-out, a recycled shipping container is an excellent investment for the future of your business.

Make It Exclusive

Everyone wants tickets to the hottest events, and so by making your pop-up shop invite-only, you can create buzz and have people clamouring for an invite. If you are worried about excluding others, or your goal is to attract as many people as possible, then you can always take a two-prong approach and have opening night be invite-only and then the following days open to the public. That way there is a buzz about your private event without you missing out on the foot traffic you would get from those passing by or who could not get a ticket.


Everyone loves freebies. Whether it is a sample, a buy-one-get-one deal, or a giveaway for the first 20-30 customers of the day, having something to give away to your customers will entice them in the door. Of course, you do not want to give away so much that you have hurt your bottom line, which is why limiting your giveaway to the first so many customers can help boost sales and get people to show up early. You can also do little giveaways that delight customers like mini mocktails and other refreshments, stickers, temporary tattoos, or small samples of your product line. A little goes a long way.

Pop Up Shops with Storstac

At Storstac, we modify and build unique and innovative pop-up shops from modified storage containers. With many different sizes and design options, there is sure to be one that suits your individual needs. If you are interested in getting into the pop-up shop game, then you need to give contact us and request a quote for one of our beautifully designed and well-built pop-up shop storage containers. Expand your business on your own terms.

Tips to follow when starting a Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular as more of our daily shopping needs are done online. Essentially a pop-up shop is a physical store location for a shop that either does not operate normally in the city it is popping up in or that is entirely e-commerce based that has an “expiration date.” Some pop-up shops last a couple of weeks, others over the span of a weekend, and some just for a single day. Often springing up in areas that have high foot traffic, pop-up shops traditionally take over a brick and mortar store. There are alternatives to renting out a store to open up a pop-up shop, though, and that is modified shipping containers. Modified shipping containers can be made into unique and custom-to-you pop-up shops that you can take around the country, a one-time investment in your company rather than continually paying premium rental costs for short-term leases. Here are our top tips for opening up your own pop-up shop!

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not just for big brands. It is an incredibly successful way for any size of the company to get their brand out there and to advertise special events, like a pop-up shop. When you have a pop-up, using geo-targeted influencers can help get people to come to your event. Influencer marketing can range from very expensive to quite affordable, and many micro-influencers are willing to trade products in exchange for posts.

“Get It While It Lasts”

When you make a pop-up shop, especially one that has a very short open window, you have created a sense of urgency. Your products are there for a short period, and while you may have an online store, customers will not have the opportunity to go to your pop-up to make their purchases. One way to help spur on this urgency and get customers to make more purchases is not to flood the store with your merchandise. Put out smaller amounts of merchandise and restock as needed throughout the day to create a sense of scarcity and boost your sales.

Make It an Event

Shoppers are purchasing more and more at home. A brick and mortar store still offers a lot of benefits, including a higher rate of impulse purchasing, and so pop-up shops can be an excellent opportunity to push your product. The thing you need to do though is bringing people in the door. Making your pop-up shop into an event and not just an opportunity to shop can help bring patrons in the door and get them spending.

Design Around Your Brand

Your brand is part of your business. Having a strong brand identity helps you to move your business forward. A pop-up shop is the perfect opportunity to push your brand and create a physical identity. Think of the colour scheme, the way items are stocked, the ambience, the music, everything that goes into your pop-up shop should be a reflection of your brand.

One of the best ways to build a pop-up shop that is a reflection of you, and have something that is trendy and eye-catching, is to invest in a portable shipping container modified just for you. At Storstac, we have over 450 years of combined experience in modifying shipping containers as well as offering portable storage and portable storage containers. Contact us today!