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Storstac, Inc., founded in 2005, is committed to providing high-quality, competitively priced products and services in the shipping container markets. Storstac offers new and used storage containers (ISO shipping containers) for sale, rental, storage and service, with a leading-edge shipping container modification facility and dedicated paint shop. We take pride in our customer service, quality products and our creative and innovative shipping container modifications to see your project through from conception to completion.

In addition to being responsive, capable and creative, Storstac is also “green”. By working with steel ISO shipping containers, Storstac is in step with society’s ever-increasing concern for the environment and the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Storstac’s president and founder, Vincent Ruggiero, , has been serving customers in the shipping container modification industry for over 45 years (Since 1971) and has always been environmentally conscious. He was the first person to recognize the negative impact of sending discarded international shipping containers to the landfill sites and grasped the potential benefit adaptively reusing those shipping containers for a number of alternative applications.

Mr. Ruggiero’s creative ideas led to innovative new uses for used shipping containers, which helped divert thousands of units from the scrapheap. In the early 1980’s, he invented the very first portable mini-storage units out of shipping cotainers. In 1984, he developed the first portable wireless telecommunication shelters for Cantel (now Rogers). That success was repeated in 1994 with Clearnet Communications (now Telus) and again in 1995 with Microcell Telecommunications (now Fido). Mr Ruggieros’ visionary use of international shipping containers resulted in over 6,000 of these portable telecommunications shelters being deployed across North America in settings ranging from urban rooftops to the most remote regions of Northern Canada.

Storstac Containers Depot

In 1984, Ontario Hydro experienced a PCB spill while transporting an old transformer. The spill prompted a ban on the future transportation of any PCB-laden transformers. This became a major problem for Ontario Hydro. Inspired by the challenge, Mr. Ruggiero took an ISO shipping container and modified its roof with a removable cap, then designed and installed and an internal containment tray to catch any spillage. Through his efforts, the first Hazardous Material Storage System was born. Environmental officials approved the system and Ontario Hydro was able to move and store its older equipment as it was replaced. Thousands of these containers were distributed across Canada to assist in similar transportation problems.

Mr. Ruggiero’s expertise was also utilized to engineer and manufacture a series of steel shelters (made from modified shipping containers) for the massive Trans-Siberian Pipe Line Project. Among his other accomplishments: the design and manufacture of shelters for NASA to store equipment for the space shuttle’s robot arm; the construction of enclosures used as field hospitals for the United Nations emergency field work; as well as, supplying equipment for the Canadian Military during the Gulf War.

Storstac is ISO 9001 Certified

Storstac, Inc. is certified for ISO 9001:2008. ISO Certification compliments Storstac’s ever-increasing commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of quality and service through the implementation and execution of its Quality Management System (QMS). Storstac is ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the following systems: Shipping container modification, shipping container Sales, shipping container rentals, custom built from scratch portable building fabrication and for its shipping container depot and repair facility.

“A strong traditional work ethic, innovative thinking and dedication to customer service are the keys to success in our business.”

Storstac’s strength is in the knowledge and training of its people.

Storstac has the most experienced team in the shipping container modification industry. We make customer service a priority and train our staff to go the extra mile. Come see what we can do for you. At Storstac, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and exceed your expectations. We welcome your input so please email us at info@storstac.com with your comments.

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