Learn More About Toronto’s Storage Container Market

Brought to you by Stackt, Toronto’s storage container market is open year-round for your enjoyment. With dozens of different vendors and 100,000 square feet of various products, foods and experiences, you need to check out this cultural, outdoor marketplace. There’s no rush, as the market is open 364 days a year. Keep reading to learn all about what Stackt and Toronto’s storage container market has to offer.

Diverse Collaboration

With local, national and international vendors and brands to explore, this storage container market offers an endless supply of retailers, artwork from all disciplines, incredible food and beverage experiences and startup incubations. Utilizing a vacant lot in downtown Toronto that’s the size of a city block, Stackt has created a community hub focused on bringing people and innovations together.

An Experimental Platform?

One of the greatest aspects of this storage container marketplace is that it provides both new businesses and local entrepreneurs with a platform to test our new ideas and create new opportunities. This event also brings awareness to the potential of urban spaces that serve as a haven for artistic expressions, positive change and social exchange.

Peaceful Resting Areas

With everything you’re able to experience at this 100,000 square foot Toronto’s storage container market, from the skyline views and the architecture to the various programs and events available, you’ll need somewhere to rest for a minute. There are multiple micro-gardens, art installations and sitting areas open to catch your breath and take in the atmosphere.

Find Notable Retailers

Throughout your time at Stackt’s marketplace, you might notice some well-known pop-up shops like Hamilton’s Donut Monster, Toronto’s YamChaps and Belgian Moon Brewery. Spend a day here and you’ll have full access to all your favourite food vendors.

Good Business for Great People

The proof is in the pudding! Stackt’s storage container marketplace offers valuable services to each its visits, all the while showing people how versatile shipping containers can be. The 100,000 square foot marketplace goes to show that shipping containers weren’t only made to transport cargo over long distances or store away possessions soon forgotten. Open year-round, explore this magical experience, one shipping container at a time.

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