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There might be a number of typical container modification companies located in Toronto that claim this and say that, but Storstac is not your typical container modification company. We are the Oldest, Largest and most experienced container modification company operating in Toronto, The GTA and all of Ontario; and that’s just fact. But what does that really mean? Well, we have been modifying containers and fabricating custom built portable buildings since 1971. Since 1971, Storstac’s president, Vincent Ruggiero, has been responsible for the custom fabrication of thousands (yes thousands) of custom built portable buildings. The fabrication of these custom portable buildings have directly assisted in creating and expanding Canada’s expansive cellular network. In the last few years we have worked with the Scadding Court Community Center to help bring to life Market 707, Toronto’s first and only Container Marketplace. We have worked with billion dollar companies like Tesla, helping them bring Elon Musk’s “secret weapon” (a mobile Tesla dealership built from two shipping containers) to reality. We have built life-saving fire training facilities that range from flash-over simulators to complete, multi-story, multi container fire training complexes. We DO NOT claim to be a multi-national organization with multiple offices located across Canada, the United States and China. We do not take credit for work done by other container modification companies  (common practice within social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We DO however, take pride in our work. We make sure that our product will stand the test of time, not just ensuring it looks acceptable when it leaves our shop. We have sent our custom modified containers to the Canadian Arctic,the Russian Tundra, American Mid-Western deserts, and everywhere in-between. Our 6+ acre container depot and modification facility is located just minutes away from Sherway Gardens in the West End of Toronto. With over 20 people staffed at our office and in our modification facility, we are simply the largest container modifiers in all of Ontario. Don’t take our word for it though, feel free to stop by and take a look for yourself. Our doors are always open and we welcome anyone and everyone to come pay us a visit to see what Storstac can do for YOU.

A view of our Toronto Container Depot and Modification Facility

A view of our Toronto Container Depot and Modification Facility


A look inside our modification facility

A look inside our modification facility

Shipping Container Modification 101

Shipping Container Modification – Custom Made Portable Buildings

(Toronto, Ontario) Here at Storstac, we have been modifying shipping containers for over 40 years. We haven’t just been modifying shipping containers for over 40 years, we’ve been pioneering industry firsts that have gone on to change the way we live, work and interact with one another. Through the 1980’s and 90’s the company’s President (Vincent) utilized shipping container modification’s to house the electrical equipment for thousands of cell towers right across Canada. These towers, which are still in use today, now provide Bell, Rogers and Tellus with cell phone coverage that stretches from coast to coast. When a standard ISO shipping container couldn’t be utilized for a site, custom built portable buildings were built constructed to meet the customers needs. Although these portable buildings may sometimes resemble shipping containers (corner castings, corrugated panels ect), they are made from the ground up to meet the customers specifications.  The two images below demonstrate the wide range of applications custom built portable buildings can be utilized for. The first image is a portable building used to house a vast array of electronics for an on site power station. Custom built from the ground up, this unit was built to meet the customers demanding electronic’s specifications. The second image depicts and completely different use for our custom built portable buildings. This green custom built kiosk was the just delivered to a customers restaurant in downtown Toronto which he intends on using as a raw bar that will be serving various kinds of raw seafood. Again, completely custom built from the ground up, this unit was built to capture the look and feel of a typical iso shipping container. Yet at the same time has some striking design elements (like the slanted roof line) added into the design while also being sized to fit within the existing patio area (something a standard container would not have been able to achieve). These are just two examples of how a custom built portable building might be more suitable then a standard iso shipping container for your next project. Feel free to email, call or drop by anytime to discuss how we can put our modification experience to work for you.

Portable Shelters - Portable Energy

This 40′ long custom built (by Storstac) portable shelter will be used to house electronics for an on site power station

Bar Raval Custom Kiosk

This custom built (by Storstac) portable shelter was built specifically to fit within the dimensions of the patio at Bar Raval in Downtown Toronto


Shipping Container Modification: Toronto and Beyond

(Toronto, Ontario) Shipping container modifications are in our blood. We take pride in our work, we love what we do, and it shows. Our modified shipping containers are everywhere. Whether its a custom modified vending kiosk used to sell corn-on-the-cob at the base of the Seattle Space Needle, an electrical enclosure used to store batteries that are charged via solar panels, a custom built generator enclosure that’s placed just south of the arctic circle, or Tesla’s “secret weapon” pop up showroom that has begun to make its way right across Canada and the United States; Storstac is your PREMIER source for custom fabricated portable buildings and custom modified shipping container projects. Big or small, Storstac is the only place you should consider for container modifications, fabrications and custom builds.


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